BET Bromodomain Inhibitors

This Bromodomain (BRD) target represents the most advanced drug development program of OncoFusion. The bromodomain and extra-terminal family BRD proteins have been implicated in gene fusions associated with NUT midline carcinoma and have been shown to activate the Myc oncogene. Myc oncogene is a “driver” in many different cancer types, including Burkitt’s Lymphoma, breast, cervix, colon, lung and stomach.

OncoFusion’s current lead compounds exhibit low nanomolar affinities for BRD2-4 and on-target nanomolar activities against tumor cells. Furthermore, the compounds have  drug-like properties such as low molecular weight and high solubility. Extensive optimization of the leads and animal studies are currently being performed.

This program has been partnered with Medivation, Inc.