Personalized Therapy

In forming a personalized treatment approach, it is critical to identify the specific driving genetic mutation(s) in an individual’s tumor so targeted therapies can be used. OncoFusion’s advances in genome sequencing technology have made it possible to pinpoint the drivers of cancer in a personalized fashion.

OncoFusion will develop therapies for genetically defined cancers, and, more specifically, against targets related to recurrent gene fusions. Gene fusions are often the “driver mutation” in the cancers in which they are found. While the initial focus will be on the four targets — Bromodomain inhibitors, ERG inhibitors, EZH-2-EED inhibitors, MMSET/NSD 2 inhibitors — OncoFusion has the potential to pursue additional gene fusion related targets in the future, including:

Prostate Cancer:     ~50% ERG, 5-10% ETV1, 2% Other ETS, 2% RAF/RAS

Lung Cancer:           1-5% ALK, 1-2% ROS kinase, 2-3% RET kinase, 1-2% NFE2, others

Breast Cancer:         1-2% ETV6-NTRK3 (Secretory), Notch and MAST fusions (5-8%)

Thyroid Cancer:        20% RET fusion

Gastric Cancer:        1-2% RAF, 1-2 %CD44-SLC1A2

Ovarian Cancer:       15% ESRRA-C11orf20 (serous)

Colon Cancer:          10% R-spondin, 2-3% VTI1A-TCF7L2